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Handling of Personal Information dealt on Website

At CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE), we believe that we are socially responsible for protecting the information that can identify our clientsf information (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information). For all users to use our services safely, especially in the area of handling private information on the website we have defined rules of handling personal information as below, and we thoroughly notify all our staff of complying with these rules. Based on information security policy, we recognize the social responsibility for the importance of personal data and its protection. Thus, we will work to protect the personal data correctly according to the following privacy policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE has recognized the importance of personal data dealt with in our business development scene and will protect the personal data according to the following principles.

Personal Information

CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE collects personal information from users of the website only after obtaining their agreement. Personal information here refers to the userfs name, address, email address, telephone number, and other identifying information. We collect such information only when necessary for providing services via this website. Provision of personal information is not essential to use this website, but it will be required when the user wishes to access certain information and services; in such cases, the userfs agreement will be obtained beforehand.

Handling of collected information

All personal information collected is solely for the purpose of providing the services stated on this website, and such information will not be disclosed to third parties without prior permission. Disclosure or other use will occur in legitimate circumstances only.

Personal information management

CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE implements strict information security measures to prevent loss, misuse, and unwarranted alteration of personal information under our management. CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE employs our best security measures, with no guarantee of completeness, against any individuals/organizations illegally accessing this site to obtain personal information.


This website uses cookies, and these are user-associated data that accumulate on the userfs hard disk. Cookies used on this site are not linked to personally identifiable information. Users can disable cookies and use this site with no difficulties.

Log files

CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE collects information from log files for site management, site-use analysis, user trend studies, and demographic statistics in a broad population. Information collected from log files is not linked to personally identifiable information.

Links to other websites

This site shows links to several external websites, but personal information collected by us via this site will not be shared with these external sites. Please be sure to review the respective privacy policies when proving personal information on linked sites. Also, CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE assumes no responsibility for the content of linked sites.

Confirmation of understanding

Please use this website after reviewing and agreeing to the contents of this policy. Our privacy policy is subject to change or revision without prior notice. Notifications of all changes will be posted on this website.

Comments, complaints, and objections about the Privacy Policy

If you find a violation of our privacy statement as explained here, please contact CLINICAL RESEARCH OFFICE. After investigating any issues raised, we will contact you by e-mail and address the issue accordingly.

Contact regarding Personal Information Protection

Please telephone us to access for any inquiries.


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